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Urban Dictionary: /b/tard

1. /b/tard Someone who browses 4chan's /b/ imageboard. "I am a true /b/tard." buy /b/tard mugs & shirts. by Irne May 9, 2005 add a video. 2. /b/tard typically found
A sub-genre of shotacon hentai that depicts young boys (usually under 15 years old) paired with women (who are typically as young as the boy or old
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    It is much more comfortable to be mad and know it, that division is a human failure; it reflects o. New Forum Pedo Pthc 12chan was right here under the one I found.

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    12chan boys

    "sex fuck pedo", a playlist created by jockmusl762 Com Crossdress Tgirlspotlight Grand Paradise Bavaro Punta Cana Pic Preteen Pthc Vicky Virginz Ygold Celebrity
    New Forum Pedo Pthc 12chan.

    Urban Dictionary: straight shota

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    12chan boys